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 "Our Sew Original family is like a patchwork quilt With kindness gently sewn Each piece is an original With beauty all its own, with threads of warmth and happiness it's lightly stitched together to last in love throughout the years our family is forever."
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1542G Hwy 421s   Boone, NC 28607   (828)264-1049                             3358 Robinhood Rd.  Winston Salem, NC 27106   (336) 760-1121
Winston Classes
Boone Classes

Machine Mastery Classes
Sew Original requires that you pre-register for ALL Classes. Payment is due at time of registration. This assures your place in the class. We need this commitment from you in order for our classes to run smoothly. Also, it helps our teachers to properly prepare for the class. Our teachers work hard to offer classes they hope our customers will want to take & enjoy. Sew Original must make a commitment to the teachers ONE week prior to the start of the class. Therefore, refunds are available only when a student cancels at least 7 days prior to the class. No Refund will be given if student cancels within the 6 days before class. In the event that Sew Original must cancel a class, individuals will be contacted and a full refund will be given. Please do not ask for exceptions. Remember all students are here to learn new techniques and build their sewing skills. As much as we love children, we ask that you DO NOT bring your children to class, unless it is a class for your child or a class that is for child & parent working together. Please arrive only 15-20 minutes before your class is scheduled. This allows the teacher time to set up the classroom and get ready for the class. Please let us know if you have a class you want to see in our shops. You may also create your own class. Get 3 or more friends together, contact us, and we will find a teacher and set aside a time for the class.  MM classes are provided to you when you purchase a new or used machine from SO. There is a $50 fee per class for all NON SEW ORIGINAL PURCHASERS. Class 1 is required before taking any other mastery classes.  Bring your Mastery Workbook, scissors, pins and cotton thread to class.
Class 1a: Intro to Your Machine Needles, Threads, Maintenance, Basic Stitching
9/3 10:009/12 10:0010/3 10:0011/7 10:0012/5 10:00
Class 1b: Basic Operation Basic stitches, utility functions, hemming 
9/3 1:009/12 10:0010/3 1:0011/7 1:0012/5 1:00
Class 2a: Basic Operation Buttonholes, Button Sew-On, Zippers
9/13 10:0010/4 10:0010/8 10:0011/8 10:00
Class 2b: Stitch Fun Functions, Memory, Alphabets 
9/13 1:0010/4 1:0010/8 1:0011/8 1:00
Class 3a: Stitch Fun continued Free Motion, Bernina Stitch Regulator, Double Needle, Wing Needle
9/15 10:0010/6 10:0011/10 10:0011/5 10:00
Class 3b: Creative Options Set up, Personal Program, Directional Stitching (for 185-200-730)
9/15 1:0010/6 1:0011/10 1:0011/5 1:00

Serger Mastery
Beginnging Serger Mastery TBA             Advanced Serger Mastery TBA

Embroidery Machine Mastery
Class 1:  Embroidery Essentials - Required before all Embroidery Classes (All machines)
 All the basics for successful embroidery & Hooping. Bring your Mastery Workbook & your large hoop 
9/16 10:00     10/7 10:00      11/11 10:00

Class 2: Embroidery Basics (for Artista Embroidery Machines Only)  Using your Embroidery Machine      
Bring your Sewing Machine, Embroidery Module & all embroidery accessories (hoops & #26 foot)
9/16 10:00      10/7 10:00     11/11 10:00

Class Policy
Please be sure to sign up early! We must make a commitment to our teachers seven days in advance. Please be sure to bring basic sewing supplies, and arrive 15 minutes before class time to get set up. Remember when talking a class at Sew Original, you receive 15% off class supplies in addition to any purchase made during your class time.  
(Some restrictions apply, machines and software specially priced)

Little Miss Muffet isn’t the only one who needs a tuffet! YOU can make your own. Add a touch of whimsy to your home or use as a gift to be treasured for years. In the first 3 hour session you will being the construction of the outer cover, then finish sewing at home. The second session you will upholster your footstool, and leave with a finished project! A tuffet all your own! The tuffet shown used 2 1/2” stripes, a jelly roll or Bali Pop is perfect. Your custom “Tuffet Upholstery Kit” with choice of feet will be ordered at the first class from the instructor.
Date & Time TBA
Teacher: Kathleen Quirk Keyser $80 + kit

T-Shirt To Tunic
Join us for this class and learn how to turn an inexpensive Men’s 4X T-Shirt into a designer original. Basic sewing skills required include the ability to; layout, cut, serge, sew. Finished tunics may be embellished with monogramming, embroidery, novelty stitches and/Finished tunics are a perfect length for leggings and a great beginning to your fall wardrobe.
 September 9th 10-4 Teacher: Diane Ward $50

Free Motion Machine Quilting 2
If you have some basic experience with free motion quilting, this class will give you a chance to practice new designs not taught in the beginning class. Make a small quilt using solid colored fabrics by cutting sixteen 4.5” squares and stripping them with 1.5” sashing using a 4” x 4” layout (4 rows across and 4 rows down). Bring this top to quilt, as well as quilt sandwiches about 12” square to practice each design before trying it on the actual quilt.
November 15th 10:00-4:00 
Teacher: Patty Blanton $50 

Let The Fabric Speak To You
This modern quilt gives you a chance to use your free motion quilting skills in a slightly different manner. You will need a patterned fabric (such as a floral fabric) and a light colored, coordinating background fabric for the basic wall hanging as well as a border fabric if desired. The floral fabric will be cut into square and will be arranged with the background fabric. The floral motif will be extended into the background fabric using free motion quilting. 
Date 10:00-4:00 $50 + pattern & material 

 ​Family Embroidery Wall Art
This is a class using embroidery software. We will be working on applique, lettering and ornaments, The finished product would be a great gift for a family member or for yourself. We will try to do the software part in the morning and stitch in the afternoon. 
September 26th 10:00-4:00
Teacher: Faye Williams $20

Night Before Christmas Tile Scene
There will be 2 classes for this project. We will working on individual tiles to put together to make a wonderful wall hanging. The classes are scheduled so that you will get your project done before the holidays. The borders are also done in the hoop. . 
October 20th & November 17th 1:00-4:00 OR 5:30-8:30 Teacher: Faye Williams $40 

Learn how to make a postcard you can send to a friend through the mail. Materials are provided. Choose between a mountain or seashore scene.  September 30th 9:00-12:00  
Teacher: Marilyn Wright $40 Kit Included

Memory Aprons
Memory Aprons are created using a simple crisscross back apron pattern and special mementoes from the designer’s memory bank. Basic sewing skills required include the ability to ; layout, cut, sew, serge, and press. Embroidery of specific dates, place and names enhance the chosen photo and design or the designer may choose to simply personalize the apron with a monogram. 
 October 1st 10:00-4:00 Teacher: Diane Ward $50

Thread Painting
Explore the basics of thread painting which you can use with any project. You will learn about the different methods of thread painting and practice the techniques. Different colors of thread and a machine will be needed for the class. 
 September 30th 1:00-4:00  
Teacher: Marilyn Wright $35

Melinda Bula’s Art Quilt
Choose between the dogwood or poinsettia design and construct a fabulous art quilt. It’s easy once you know how. Learn basics of constructing art quilt and thread painting.  
October 10th 10:00-4:00  
Teacher: Marilyn Wright $50

Step It up
If you’re looking for a fun and easy project to get you going, this quilt-as-you-go table topper is the one for you! It’s a 24” square Courthouse Steps Block that is sewn and quilted all in one step. Once the sewing is finished, all you have to do it finish the edges, and you’re good to go! Or choose any other color combination, so use a small wall hanging or cheerful table topper for your own home. 
 September 23rd 10:00-1:00
Teacher: Becky Shippy $30 

Labyrinth Walk
A two block wonder of a quilt that appears three dimensional when pieced together. Featured on Facebook and Pinterest. Uses three colors and white accents. 
 September 19th 10:00-4:00  
Teacher: Marilyn Wright $50

Take a simple pattern, some of the fancy stitches built into your machine, a few fancy threads and end up with a one of a kind ‘art to wear’ garment.
 October 15th 10:00-4:00 
 Teacher: Peggy Cerchione $ 50

English Paper Piecing & Christmas Projects
Learn the basics of English paper piecing using shapes such as hexagons and diamonds. Bring various Christmas fabrics (fat quarters or fat eights or similar sized scraps will work) and use the shapes to make a Christmas stocking or Christmas wall hanging. Explore other projects that can be made from these shapes.
November 29th 10:00-4:00 Teacher: Patty Blanton $50 

Beginning Quilting 
This class leads you through the whole process of making a small, beginner level rail fence quilt, from choosing and cutting the fabrics to sewing the top, to sandwiching the batting, then doing the quilting and binding. Its a great introduction to quilting for those who want to get started, and will also help to hone skills for those who have already made some quilts.  Wednesdays, Sept 14th, 21st, 28th, Oct. 12th, 26th & Nov. 9th  
9:00-12:00 OR 1:00-4:00 
Teacher: Becky Shippy $90

15 \ 15
Beginning sewist? Want to learn a new technique? Need help with an existing project? Then join Becky on Tuesday nights. For only $15 you can get expert help with any sewing projects! Please call by Tuesday morning to reserve your spot in class! 
Tuesday nights, 5:30-8:30 Teacher: Becky Shippy $15
We are having two block of the months. Continue with Becky to make this beautiful Christmas quilt. It’s designed to be finished just in time for the holidays. Marilyn will join us to teach Eureka. 
Saturday, Sept. 10th, Oct. 8th, Nov. 12th & Dec. 10th  

Reversible Quilt
Want to make two projects in one? Learn to make a reversible quilt using different fabrics for each side. It’s also a quilt as you go quilt, and when it’s together all you need to finish is the binding. And, Oh yes, there’s a clever way to make your binding match EACH side too! Join Becky for this fun and straightforward technique to make both sides the top! 
October 5th & 24th 10:00-4:00 $90
Teacher: Becky Shippy

Mother/Daughter Apron Class
For mom’s who have watched their daughters have all the fun, join your daughter and share the joy! You will learn not only how to use a sewing machine but also how to read a pattern.
Sept. 10th 10:30-4:30 Teacher: Peggy Cerchione  
Cost: $50 for both + pattern & material

Landscape Quilting
Learn some of the basic techniques in landscape quilting as we create a beautiful mountain scene from fabric. There will be a pattern to follow and directions for you to build your own representation of a mountain scene. Many embellishments can be added to add realism to your scene. 
September 20th 10:00-4:00 $50  
Teacher: Patty Blanton

Kwik Sew Skirt
Make either a handkerchief pull on skirt or a wrap around skirt. Easy to make and easy to wear!  
Oct. 27th 10:00-4:00  
Teacher: Peggy Cerchione $50 

Free Motion Quilting Sampler Blocks
The only way to improve your free motion quilting skills is to practice. We will be making 12 in quilt sandwiches and learning new quilting designs while building a collection of samples to use for reference when deciding how to machine quilt projects. Try various thread and battings to see which combination gives you the desired look. We will begin with various grid designs, learn to stipple, practice making pebbles and lots more. Gain the confidence you need to finish those beautiful pieced tops yourself.
Oct. 18th 10:00-4:00 $50 Teacher: Patty Blanton

Ruler Work
You can do ruler work on a domestic machine using a ruler foot and various rulers and add a whole new dimension to your quilting. With the basic ruler foot, and the #77 adapter, you can set up your machine to do ruler work. In this class you will learn to use the basic 12” Arc ruler (that comes with the ruler foot from Sew Steady) to do various designs that incorporate both straight lines and curved lines. Both straight and curved cross-hatching are easy to do with virtually no marking. Stitch in the ditch and echo quilting around patchwork designs is much easier using the basic ruler. Sew Steady also offers a Sampler Template Set, that includes six rulers and various designs that can be quilted with these rulers will be demonstrated. Are you ready to “Kick It Up A Notch” and take your machine quilting to the next level.  
Oct. 11th10:00-4:00 Teacher : Patty Blanton $50

String Quilt
Ever wonder how to make those great scrappy string quilts? Come join Laura in a technique and hands-on class to learn how to make your own. Quilts, wall-hangings, or accessories are easily made in this way once you get the basic technique down. Bring your scraps, your planned fabrics or your fabric selvedges and learn a new tool for your quilting toolbox. 
October 25th 10:00-4:00
Teacher: L:aura Heisler Cost: $50 

Bernina Emb. Software  
Version 7 classes will be available through December.  
Call to schedule.  

Row By Row Landscape Wall Hanging
If you missed out on our row-by-row pattern or you would like help as you try to make the pattern, this class will help you create a finished wall hanging or table runner. If you purchased the kit for this from Sew Orginial, we will reduce the class cost to $25. If you still need a pattern and kit, the cost is the usual $50 class fee. In addition to the kit, you will need any border fabric you want to use as well as backing and batting for the piece. Fusible material will be needed for some of the raw edge applique pieces.  
 Nov. 14th 10:00-4:00 Teacher: Patty Blanton

Kids Can Sew (Saturdays)
Join Peggy, the biggest kid of all, in September to do a T-Shirt dress, October to make stuffed mice, and November to make Christmas gifts. 
September 24th, October 29th, November 12th 10:00-4:00
Teacher: Peggy Cerchione

Kids Can Sew (Afterschool)
Join us for a fun, new after school sewing class at Sew Original called Kids Can Sew! Meeting once a week we will jump right in and learn the basics of beginning sewing using the new Kids Can Sew curriculum. Bring your machine or rent one of ours.  
Thursdays , 4:00-6:00 ($60 per Month/ 4 classes)
Teacher: Darby Logan 

Join Darby for a kid friendly class with lessons from the new Kids Can Sew curriculum.  
Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 ($60 per Month / 4 classes)  
Teacher: Darby Logan 

Paper Piecing 1 
If you’ve always wanted to make those perfect points, then it’s time to learn the technique of paper piecing. This easy and quick method will have you looking for the many patterns available to make wonderful projects quickly and very precisely. We will be making a simple heart block which you can use as is for a small wall piece, a pot holder, or combined to make a quilt. Becky will lead you through so come and have a ball!  
Sept. 8th 10:00-1:00 Teacher: Becky Shippy
Cost: $30

Paper Piecing 2 
This class continues Becky’s PP1 class, and can be easily done the same day. We’ll be making an easy star block with this one. You will learn how to make larger paper piecing projects by sewing individual paper pieced sections together. You can then make blocks such as this star or even larger wall hangings. You'll also learn how to think about your other quilting projects to see if Paper Piecing can make blocks easier or faster. 
  Sept. 22 10:00-1:00 Teacher: Becky Shippy
Cost: $30

Software Inspiration  
An excellent opportunity for ALL BERNINA Software owners - any level of the software, any level of ability!! - A different lesson each month! This is a great way to become more familiar with tools available in the software and practical applications/projects for using the software. A CD with the lesson will be given each session. Two different levels of participation will be offered:
Level A: Attend the virtual presentation only 
Level B: Attend the virtual presentation and then do the software exercise on you lap-
top with Faye guiding you. Class Fee for BOTH levels: $10, includes CD Saturdays, September 17th, October 22nd & November 19th & August 20 10:00

Knitted Cowl Scarf
If you know how to knit and purl but have been hesitant to try any pattern stitches, this might be the perfect winter project to get your started. It’s a simple pattern that can be easily adapted for different yarn types and needle sizes. The sample in the store was made with only one skein of the beautiful alpca yarn and size 7 knitting needles. 
October 28th 10:00-1:00 Teacher Patty Blanton  
Free is yarn is purchased from Sew Original, $15 if yarn is purchased elsewhere. 

Shop Hop Fall Quilt
The Shop Hop pattern uses a panel and some coordinating background fabric to create a colorful fall wall hanging. You will need to purchase a passport ($15) to get the pattern (as well as 14 others from the shops participating). The panel used for the shop model is available in limited quantities. You may use another panel design if you choose. Learn to cut the panel and put it back together in this windowpane layout and learn to create the flying geese border. Materials needed are listed in the Passport. 
Teacher: Patty Blanton  
October 17th 10:00-4:00 $50